Sunday, 11 November 2012

My work in images.

Here is a selection of my work in images that I have done through projects whilst studying at college. It shows that I can both illustrate and design using fashion skills. My personal favourite was my FMP (Final Major Project), as I chose to work through textiles more than fashion to create some insect fabric that I could then use to create a garment ready for my exhibition.

I am still very much interested in making, designing and illustrating. I'd really like to keep going up until I go to study Fashion Communication at university.

Please get in touch;

Harmony XXX

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ok, ok, ok. I'm already struggling to write something here, considering that I want to write for fashion company's as a career I should be blasting out on the keyboard. As this is only an introduction I guess I'm getting off easy.

Let's start again...

Hello my name is Harmony Youngs, I'm eighteen, I live in the UK. I am planning to go study Fashion Communication at University in September 2013 (that is if the world doesn't end). I like to illustrate and design fabric in my spare time and would really like to start working a lot more to add to my portfolio work. This blog will feature posts about myself, what I've been doing, what I'm working on, fashion posts ETC.

For any textile and illustration enquires contact me at:
(I don't bite.)