Tuesday, 25 November 2014


L A C E by harmony-youngs 

I love Polyvore! I suffer from a few things which have developed badly over the past year and insomnia is one of those, but to pass the time away at night recently I've been up lusting over clothes and making these cute little collages on Polyvore, really love that you can use via the iPhone as I hate using my laptop late at night. To sleep I've just had to wear myself out by doing these and at the minute I've been reading Luella's Guide to English Style which I am loving a lot, I sit there having a giggle at all the relate-able fashion jokes, I couldn't not recommend the book it is bloody brilliant, any woman who has a huge interest in style, fashion etc WILL love this. I tried 'Kalms' sleeping tablets a few nights ago and I slept for hours on end if anyone could recommend any sleeping methods or remedies I would hugely appreciate the tips!

Hugely crushing on this slip dress from Topshop and no doubt by the end of the week I will have ordered it. Also, this coat might be my new love that has broken my heart, retailing at £110 I don't think I'll be purchasing very soon, I'm loving this material has anybody seen a cheaper equivalent? I never bother looking for cheaper equivalents and I really should.


Monday, 24 November 2014


Jumper - & Other Stories, Lace body - H&M Lingerie, Belt - Vintage, Culottes - Monki, Clutch - Zara, Boots - Dr Martens.

I haven't blogged in over a week and it genuinely feels like it's been a lifetime, I have actually really missed doing it, really have got into this whole blogging malarkey! I have been busy with events for my boyfriends birthday, we decided to go to London on Friday booked hours before we went! Both me and Jack love London especially with me wanting to attend LCF next year and some how we spent pretty much most the day down Oxford Street (people traffic down there was INSANE,) so obviously I bought a few things. Really took advantage of shops we don't have in Leeds such as the whole Monki - & Other Stories - COS group.

I was highly debating on buying this lace body as I really am not confident with my body and my boobs do look like I have a bum on my chest (ha ha ha.) but for £14.99 how on earth could I not buy this? Considering there's one in Victoria's Secret for triple the price of that I was very content with this buy. It's so lacy and beautiful not entirely sure if appropriate but I do think I am going to get my wear out of this, I am on the hunt for a vintage chiffon white skirt as I think it would look perfect with this for NYE with my black fur stole. As I said I took advantage of the shops that we don't have in Leeds and was genuinely very impressed with Monki, I never tend to order on-line as the delivery price is quite something (very off-putting) but I bought these pink culottes for a bargain of £18 reduced from £40, I also bought the lace triangle bra that I posted about a few blogs ago for £10.

I seem to be loving the fur and feather bags this A/W, I don't actually own a normal black leather clutch so I think it's time to prioritise that as my next buy, I've asked for a beautiful two-tone purple marabou bag for Christmas from Topshop. This pink clutch is from Zara, £19.99 and is quite a lot cheaper than the Topshop roll fur clutches which retail at £32 so if anyone isn't wanting to part with their money I'd suggest looking at the ones from Zara, I think New Look have made their own too.

Like I always say I am always happy to receive comments, questions, feedback, blog links so please do!


Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Coat - GAP, Stole - New Look, Striped top - Zara, Silk trousers - & Other Stories, Shoes - River Island, Tame Impala tote bag.

Ok so I do apologise about the quality of the photos on the post this evening, they're smaller than usual but if I put them any bigger they get all blurry and annoying!

First thing's first my outfit today; I am wearing my trusty GAP coat which cost me a bargain of £14 for a charity shop in Cleethorpes. I've wanted one of this style and colour for ages but as we all know coats can be pretty costly, I came across this little treasure a couple of months back and it works with pretty much all my clothes which is an added bonus. Not a real effort in today's clothes wearing a simple long sleeved navy and white striped top from Zara which I bought a few weeks back, to dress this top up a white shirt looks good underneath. Recently I have developed a new love for Tk Maxx, I'm quite a fan of & Other Stories and have recently found that Tk Maxx stocks the brand. These silk trousers were originally £75 and I bought them for £13 (I think) which is amazing discount and amazing for me because I love black trousers. I've bought a & Other Stories bits from TK, a few jersey tops, a grey cable knit jumper and a chiffon black cami top (which was £5!) so do have a good rummage as I do know it's quite hard to find something decent in the shop sometimes.

My tote was bought from a Tame Impala gig which I attended in the summer (if you don't know me they're my favourite band), they were as expected AMAZING. Not relevant to this post but Kevin Parker of Tame Impala has just released a track with Mark Ronson called 'Daffodils' which is bloody brilliant, I've had it on repeat all night, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

So today Jack took me for lunch as I've been feeling slightly down at the minute at my favourite little coffee shop called the 'Froth and Fodder' in Leeds. Froth and Fodder is opposite is the Parkinson building along with a few other food shops. I've taken a few pictures which you can see above of the inside, as I quoted on my instagram earlier 'the Froth and Fodder is twenty times more photogenic than I ever will be' and that is highly true. Its so lovely inside and not to mention the mocha's are fabulous. 

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

P A I S L E Y & F A U X F U R

Dress - Zara, Faux fur stole - New Look, Shoes - Topshop, Blanket Stitch Cape - Topshop.

I think over a year ago my title was 'Paisley Queen', my wardrobe consisted of many paisley dresses and blouses. I had this long ginger hair which I personally sometimes wish I still had as I had the most ginger colour perfected, anyway, I used to get called 'Florence' a lot which got pretty tedious so I think I decided the crazy paisley items and ginger hair had to go. My boyfriend used to love the paisley stage so when we was shopping I came across this little beauty in Zara for £29.99 and he bought me it the big softy! I love the fact that it's more of a swing dress as at the minute I'm not really digging figure hugging clothing, It's comfy and it is soft, the pattern isn't full on and it's a great length. To dress down the dress with the weather I think that my Blanket Stitch cape from Topshop that featured a couple of blogs ago works perfectly, all the colours in both the dress and cape are very Autumnal and work well together.

I've been wanting some sort of faux fur stole scarf for ages, to be honest I really don't know why I don't already own one especially with my mum owning a vintage store. I think she's had many in the shop before but I never won the debate of her giving me one out of the kindness of her heart! (Har har!) This one featured in the photos is long-length, will go perfect with pretty much anything and may possibly be my staple piece for the Autumn/Winter. The scarf was £17 from New Look. 

Usually I don't really mess about with lipsticks, I have a few Mac's but my staple lipstick which I've been wearing for two years now is the colour 'Chilli'. I usually find red is the best lipstick as it compliments my skin tone and hair colour, but wearing the same shade everyday can be pretty tedious so recently I purchased the shade 'Honey Love' as I've been lusting over a pink/nude colour that will suit my skin tone. I am wearing the lipstick in these photos and looking back at them I think I am going to wear it and ditch the red for a while. Let's see how long it lasts.

I've really gotten into this whole blogging thing now and I'd really appreciate followers on here and Bloglovin, please do feel free to send comments my way and your blog links as I really enjoy reading them but never know where to look/start! 


Friday, 7 November 2014

V I N T A G E & M O T H E R

Shirt - H&M, Skirt - I Love It I Really Do Vintage, Shoes - Topshop

My life for pretty much all teenage years has revolved around fashion and art and I think there is one woman in my life who is pretty inspirational and to blame for my interests, that woman is my Mum. She is literally the definition of a 'wonder mum' having five girls must hard work as it is but not only being pretty much a full-time mother she has built up her business 'I.luv.it.i.reallydo Vintage'. (I love it I really do was one of the lines my little sister Blossom used to say ALL the time as a toddler.) 

I can remember as a child being taken around charity shops and my mum finding little gems, slowly that built her interest in vintage clothing and she started selling just slowly on the internet, from eBay to ASOS Marketplace. In 2012 she opened up a market stall selling vintage clothes that herself had reworked to suit peoples needs (taking up dresses to fit better etc) and her little creative creations, personalised bunting, candles in tea cups, just bits like that. I know she got really bored of repetitively making these little things and wasn't her thing any more, she wanted to really dedicate herself to her Vintage side of the business so she gave the home wear side of the business up. My Nan passed and I know this has hugely affected my mother, I really wish she was here so she could see how much my mum has achieved from nothing to what she has now because I know if I was my Nan I would be hugely proud of everything that she has done and as her daughter she is one of the biggest influences in my life. She's so motivated, I've seen her go through some really hard times and at her weakest and she gets through everything like a soldier. Last September she finally opened up a store and it is beautiful. The building itself is one of the oldest buildings in Grimsby (my hometown, where my family lives) it's pretty small but she manages to present everything beautifully, she stocks skirts, dresses, jackets, coats everything even scrunchies that she makes herself from unused vintage fabric. 

Next door Rebecca and Simon Ladd have opened up a mens section called 'Ladds' which is also pretty amazing. The thing that I love about my mums stock is that she doesn't charge ridiculous prices like a lot of vintage businesses do, which she could do but refuses because she wants to make vintage clothing wearable and affordable for everyone. If you live in Grimsby please make sure to check this place out because it is hidden away, she also offers 10% student discount! Please make sure to check her page out too which is I.luv.it.ireallydo Vintage on Facebook and give it a like!

Mum if you're reading this, we may fall out and bicker but you are the best woman on this planet and I love you! (Make sure to send me freebies.)


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

C A P E D R E A M I N'

Blanket Stitch Cape - Topshop, White shirt - H&M, Dungarees - Topshop, Loafers - Dr Martens.

It's the 5th of Novemeber and I've already had two toffee apples! It's suddenly gotten ridiculously cold here in Leeds I would not enjoy being any more up north, anyway, after seeing the Burberry A/W runway and THOSE ponchos/capes I have been lusting after one. Obviously I don't have the lifestyle (one day fingers crossed) to go out and buy myself a personalised Burberry cape. This alternative is from Topshop and it's pretty damn good if I do say so myself and at a reasonable price of £35! I know it has been very popular and sold out but I did see it in stock on the website a few days ago if any body is wanting to purchase this little beauty. It is really warm and it makes a good snug around the house too. It might not have HY embroidered into it but it does the job and the colours of the Blanket Stitch Cape are very Autumnal! I have also ditched the heels and slung on my beautiful Dr Marten Adrian loafers (which are costly but so worth the money) to wear this Bonfire night. Have a great Bonfire night guys


Saturday, 1 November 2014


O N E by harmony-youngs

Fedora hat - Topshop, White faux fur jacket - Zara, Shoes - Topshop, Polo neck - Topshop, - Lace underwear set - Monki, Croc clutch - Whistles.

On a bored Saturday night with X Factor as the only entertainment I discovered Polyvore! Why I have never used Polyvore before is beyond me. I'm poor at the moment so I can imagine me spending my days on it putting together outfits I'd wear if I was rolling in £££ (the day will soon come). I have had my eye on this Zara faux fur jacket for a month or so now and I absolutely love it, I don't know whether I would resemble a yeti or the monster from Empire Strikes Back but who cares it's number one on my Christmas list. My next buys are definitely going to be new jeans and many polo necks. Oh and that Whistles bag must be purchased soon.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Jumper/Top - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - 'Grayer' Topshop.

Ah I am already back with an outfit post! Really starting to get into this blogging vibe now and I'm really hoping that I'll actually keep up with it and make a couple of posts a week! As you may know I have made this blog to show my own personal style and fashion related work so that I'm actually doing something before I hopefully go back to university. So, today has been a lot warmer in Leeds than it usually is, (which is great because usually a coat is needed to worn all the time.) considering it's Autumn I think this outfit works well. I love the colours in this H&M full circle skirt, I actually matched my nails today (which is something I never do) with Nails Inc 'Alexa Cashmere', which is a really cool nail polish that tries to attempt a cashmere texture on the nail, the colour is a really beautiful lilac and I highly recommend.

I really love this top from Primark, it should still be in stores and it cost around £14 which I think is a great price for a top that I know can be worn with many outfits. The Topshop orange/yellow outfit brings that Autumnal vibe to this outfit, it looks and feels beautiful (it fits so much in as well!). These are my favourite shoes that I own (barring all my Dr Martens) they're called 'Grayer' and they cost me £18 about six months ago in a Topshop sale, I get so many compliments on these and am forever getting asked where they're from. I feel like I am channelling my inner Kim Kardashian with these beauties.

Only a quick post, trying to keep up with this whole thing! Feel free to leave feedback/comments and give me a follow/send me your blogs!


Sunday, 26 October 2014



So I thought as well as outfit blog posts I thought I'd blog more about fashion-y things such as my research which then develops into an outcome, such as styling a shoot or illustrations. Today I am writing about the WGSN trend prediction AW15/16's 'Flawless'. I did a lot of work on this at university before I quit the course I was studying (Fashion Communication @ Leeds College Of Art.). I really enjoyed this project and from this it pretty much helped me make my decision in what path I actually want the study and further my career in the Fashion topic, which is styling. I think mood-boarding is probably my favourite thing to do I could literally spend hours picking out lovely photos and placing them beautifully (well, I think so, ha.).

For starters using the PANTONE pallet as you can see (second picture above) I looked very well into the colours which are very clean and sharp, I personally love the blues metallics and the greys. As well as looking into the colour pallet I then looked into the trend title 'Flawless' and what it actually means so that I could then start to mood board. The simple meaning for 'Flawless' - 'without any imperfections or defects; perfect. I obviously had a clear thought of what sort of images I was looking for as we all pretty much know the meaning of flawless. I spent so much time endlessly scrolling through tumblr for the best images in which I think would best represent flawless via a mood-board. (you can see the final outcome above).

From my research, collection of images and mood-board, I then started to think of and outcome, illustration maybe? Or styling? Well I've done both. I currently had another project at the time in which I planned and produced a shoot which was based on the brand ACNE. Trying to think cleverly I knew that the brand is very clean and sharp, pretty much everything I researched for this trend. From that I knew that the brand was perfect and represented everything I was looking for.

The illustration to the left was just a quick draw and scan into photoshop. Using water colour and a fine liner black ink pen to quickly scribble. This isn't the best of illustrations but all it needed to do was to represent the flawless trend and I achieved this by making it very simple. I used a blue water colour as a quick wash onto the image. I also based the illustration on the shoot that I was going to style. I really like this way of illustrating and it's really easy to do if you own a scanner and photoshop it's also very fun, so if you don't really like illustrating I would highly recommend using this method and just having a mess around. This illustration is made of only one drawing which I scanned into photoshop, I then duplicated the image and made it bigger, I added a cut out of image of a Acne leather jacket in which I placed over the smaller drawing. Behind this all I just added a little cut out of some graph paper.



These are my favourite photographs from the outcome of the shoot, I'm hoping this blog doesn't sound too silly as I just wanted to do something a little different from just a outfit post. Feedback and comments are happily welcome!


Saturday, 25 October 2014

1. Dungarees - Topshop sale £25
2. Grey polo neck - Primark £4
3. Shoes - Topshop 'Jojo' £58
4. Pink ostrich feather chain bag - Topshop
5. Sunglasses - Topshop

SO. Two years after attempting to commit myself to blogging I am BACK!

I've been thinking about blogging outfits, reviews etc for a while now and considering I'm applying for a Styling degree I guess I will hugely benefit from blogging frequently so here we go round two for me.

I thought I'd start with only a little outfit blog post, for me this is the best time of year for clothing, but I must admit I hate being cold and sometimes find it pretty hard to layer up. Here is my outfit for an outing to Leeds Art Gallery, I wear Topshop dungarees, shoes and bag (which I know is a pretty special bag.) The dungarees were only recently bought in the sale for a pretty great price of £25. I almost know I am going to be living in these as they are very easy to team up with polo necks (which are my favourite for this time of year.) long sleeved tops & shirts. My bag was purchased from the app 'Depop' which is probably the best second hand internet buy I've ever made, I've wanted one of the River Island lookalikes for a while but I absolutely love the baby pink colour of the ostrich feathers. 

I promise to commit to my blog this time, I have already a blog outfit and review of Jungle at Leeds Beckett SU to come in a few days so watch this space.