Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Jumper/Top - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - 'Grayer' Topshop.

Ah I am already back with an outfit post! Really starting to get into this blogging vibe now and I'm really hoping that I'll actually keep up with it and make a couple of posts a week! As you may know I have made this blog to show my own personal style and fashion related work so that I'm actually doing something before I hopefully go back to university. So, today has been a lot warmer in Leeds than it usually is, (which is great because usually a coat is needed to worn all the time.) considering it's Autumn I think this outfit works well. I love the colours in this H&M full circle skirt, I actually matched my nails today (which is something I never do) with Nails Inc 'Alexa Cashmere', which is a really cool nail polish that tries to attempt a cashmere texture on the nail, the colour is a really beautiful lilac and I highly recommend.

I really love this top from Primark, it should still be in stores and it cost around £14 which I think is a great price for a top that I know can be worn with many outfits. The Topshop orange/yellow outfit brings that Autumnal vibe to this outfit, it looks and feels beautiful (it fits so much in as well!). These are my favourite shoes that I own (barring all my Dr Martens) they're called 'Grayer' and they cost me £18 about six months ago in a Topshop sale, I get so many compliments on these and am forever getting asked where they're from. I feel like I am channelling my inner Kim Kardashian with these beauties.

Only a quick post, trying to keep up with this whole thing! Feel free to leave feedback/comments and give me a follow/send me your blogs!


Sunday, 26 October 2014



So I thought as well as outfit blog posts I thought I'd blog more about fashion-y things such as my research which then develops into an outcome, such as styling a shoot or illustrations. Today I am writing about the WGSN trend prediction AW15/16's 'Flawless'. I did a lot of work on this at university before I quit the course I was studying (Fashion Communication @ Leeds College Of Art.). I really enjoyed this project and from this it pretty much helped me make my decision in what path I actually want the study and further my career in the Fashion topic, which is styling. I think mood-boarding is probably my favourite thing to do I could literally spend hours picking out lovely photos and placing them beautifully (well, I think so, ha.).

For starters using the PANTONE pallet as you can see (second picture above) I looked very well into the colours which are very clean and sharp, I personally love the blues metallics and the greys. As well as looking into the colour pallet I then looked into the trend title 'Flawless' and what it actually means so that I could then start to mood board. The simple meaning for 'Flawless' - 'without any imperfections or defects; perfect. I obviously had a clear thought of what sort of images I was looking for as we all pretty much know the meaning of flawless. I spent so much time endlessly scrolling through tumblr for the best images in which I think would best represent flawless via a mood-board. (you can see the final outcome above).

From my research, collection of images and mood-board, I then started to think of and outcome, illustration maybe? Or styling? Well I've done both. I currently had another project at the time in which I planned and produced a shoot which was based on the brand ACNE. Trying to think cleverly I knew that the brand is very clean and sharp, pretty much everything I researched for this trend. From that I knew that the brand was perfect and represented everything I was looking for.

The illustration to the left was just a quick draw and scan into photoshop. Using water colour and a fine liner black ink pen to quickly scribble. This isn't the best of illustrations but all it needed to do was to represent the flawless trend and I achieved this by making it very simple. I used a blue water colour as a quick wash onto the image. I also based the illustration on the shoot that I was going to style. I really like this way of illustrating and it's really easy to do if you own a scanner and photoshop it's also very fun, so if you don't really like illustrating I would highly recommend using this method and just having a mess around. This illustration is made of only one drawing which I scanned into photoshop, I then duplicated the image and made it bigger, I added a cut out of image of a Acne leather jacket in which I placed over the smaller drawing. Behind this all I just added a little cut out of some graph paper.



These are my favourite photographs from the outcome of the shoot, I'm hoping this blog doesn't sound too silly as I just wanted to do something a little different from just a outfit post. Feedback and comments are happily welcome!


Saturday, 25 October 2014

1. Dungarees - Topshop sale £25
2. Grey polo neck - Primark £4
3. Shoes - Topshop 'Jojo' £58
4. Pink ostrich feather chain bag - Topshop
5. Sunglasses - Topshop

SO. Two years after attempting to commit myself to blogging I am BACK!

I've been thinking about blogging outfits, reviews etc for a while now and considering I'm applying for a Styling degree I guess I will hugely benefit from blogging frequently so here we go round two for me.

I thought I'd start with only a little outfit blog post, for me this is the best time of year for clothing, but I must admit I hate being cold and sometimes find it pretty hard to layer up. Here is my outfit for an outing to Leeds Art Gallery, I wear Topshop dungarees, shoes and bag (which I know is a pretty special bag.) The dungarees were only recently bought in the sale for a pretty great price of £25. I almost know I am going to be living in these as they are very easy to team up with polo necks (which are my favourite for this time of year.) long sleeved tops & shirts. My bag was purchased from the app 'Depop' which is probably the best second hand internet buy I've ever made, I've wanted one of the River Island lookalikes for a while but I absolutely love the baby pink colour of the ostrich feathers. 

I promise to commit to my blog this time, I have already a blog outfit and review of Jungle at Leeds Beckett SU to come in a few days so watch this space.