Tuesday, 25 November 2014


L A C E by harmony-youngs 

I love Polyvore! I suffer from a few things which have developed badly over the past year and insomnia is one of those, but to pass the time away at night recently I've been up lusting over clothes and making these cute little collages on Polyvore, really love that you can use via the iPhone as I hate using my laptop late at night. To sleep I've just had to wear myself out by doing these and at the minute I've been reading Luella's Guide to English Style which I am loving a lot, I sit there having a giggle at all the relate-able fashion jokes, I couldn't not recommend the book it is bloody brilliant, any woman who has a huge interest in style, fashion etc WILL love this. I tried 'Kalms' sleeping tablets a few nights ago and I slept for hours on end if anyone could recommend any sleeping methods or remedies I would hugely appreciate the tips!

Hugely crushing on this slip dress from Topshop and no doubt by the end of the week I will have ordered it. Also, this coat might be my new love that has broken my heart, retailing at £110 I don't think I'll be purchasing very soon, I'm loving this material has anybody seen a cheaper equivalent? I never bother looking for cheaper equivalents and I really should.


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  1. Love this look on your Polyvore! I am lusting over the sunglasses and money pouch!