Saturday, 1 November 2014


O N E by harmony-youngs

Fedora hat - Topshop, White faux fur jacket - Zara, Shoes - Topshop, Polo neck - Topshop, - Lace underwear set - Monki, Croc clutch - Whistles.

On a bored Saturday night with X Factor as the only entertainment I discovered Polyvore! Why I have never used Polyvore before is beyond me. I'm poor at the moment so I can imagine me spending my days on it putting together outfits I'd wear if I was rolling in £££ (the day will soon come). I have had my eye on this Zara faux fur jacket for a month or so now and I absolutely love it, I don't know whether I would resemble a yeti or the monster from Empire Strikes Back but who cares it's number one on my Christmas list. My next buys are definitely going to be new jeans and many polo necks. Oh and that Whistles bag must be purchased soon.



  1. I'm sooo in need of a new berry lipstick for Autumn. I've heard of Polyvole, but never really given it a chance, I might have another look at it now :)

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