Saturday, 8 November 2014

P A I S L E Y & F A U X F U R

Dress - Zara, Faux fur stole - New Look, Shoes - Topshop, Blanket Stitch Cape - Topshop.

I think over a year ago my title was 'Paisley Queen', my wardrobe consisted of many paisley dresses and blouses. I had this long ginger hair which I personally sometimes wish I still had as I had the most ginger colour perfected, anyway, I used to get called 'Florence' a lot which got pretty tedious so I think I decided the crazy paisley items and ginger hair had to go. My boyfriend used to love the paisley stage so when we was shopping I came across this little beauty in Zara for £29.99 and he bought me it the big softy! I love the fact that it's more of a swing dress as at the minute I'm not really digging figure hugging clothing, It's comfy and it is soft, the pattern isn't full on and it's a great length. To dress down the dress with the weather I think that my Blanket Stitch cape from Topshop that featured a couple of blogs ago works perfectly, all the colours in both the dress and cape are very Autumnal and work well together.

I've been wanting some sort of faux fur stole scarf for ages, to be honest I really don't know why I don't already own one especially with my mum owning a vintage store. I think she's had many in the shop before but I never won the debate of her giving me one out of the kindness of her heart! (Har har!) This one featured in the photos is long-length, will go perfect with pretty much anything and may possibly be my staple piece for the Autumn/Winter. The scarf was £17 from New Look. 

Usually I don't really mess about with lipsticks, I have a few Mac's but my staple lipstick which I've been wearing for two years now is the colour 'Chilli'. I usually find red is the best lipstick as it compliments my skin tone and hair colour, but wearing the same shade everyday can be pretty tedious so recently I purchased the shade 'Honey Love' as I've been lusting over a pink/nude colour that will suit my skin tone. I am wearing the lipstick in these photos and looking back at them I think I am going to wear it and ditch the red for a while. Let's see how long it lasts.

I've really gotten into this whole blogging thing now and I'd really appreciate followers on here and Bloglovin, please do feel free to send comments my way and your blog links as I really enjoy reading them but never know where to look/start! 



  1. wish I could pull something like this off! you look so lovely x

    1. I bet you could, any one can pull of anything they want just give yourself a bit of confidence!

      Harmony x

  2. I love your style! what height are you?

  3. Hiii! I just found your blog... Super cute outfits! I am trying to be more motivated to post on mine as well.


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