Friday, 7 November 2014

V I N T A G E & M O T H E R

Shirt - H&M, Skirt - I Love It I Really Do Vintage, Shoes - Topshop

My life for pretty much all teenage years has revolved around fashion and art and I think there is one woman in my life who is pretty inspirational and to blame for my interests, that woman is my Mum. She is literally the definition of a 'wonder mum' having five girls must hard work as it is but not only being pretty much a full-time mother she has built up her business ' Vintage'. (I love it I really do was one of the lines my little sister Blossom used to say ALL the time as a toddler.) 

I can remember as a child being taken around charity shops and my mum finding little gems, slowly that built her interest in vintage clothing and she started selling just slowly on the internet, from eBay to ASOS Marketplace. In 2012 she opened up a market stall selling vintage clothes that herself had reworked to suit peoples needs (taking up dresses to fit better etc) and her little creative creations, personalised bunting, candles in tea cups, just bits like that. I know she got really bored of repetitively making these little things and wasn't her thing any more, she wanted to really dedicate herself to her Vintage side of the business so she gave the home wear side of the business up. My Nan passed and I know this has hugely affected my mother, I really wish she was here so she could see how much my mum has achieved from nothing to what she has now because I know if I was my Nan I would be hugely proud of everything that she has done and as her daughter she is one of the biggest influences in my life. She's so motivated, I've seen her go through some really hard times and at her weakest and she gets through everything like a soldier. Last September she finally opened up a store and it is beautiful. The building itself is one of the oldest buildings in Grimsby (my hometown, where my family lives) it's pretty small but she manages to present everything beautifully, she stocks skirts, dresses, jackets, coats everything even scrunchies that she makes herself from unused vintage fabric. 

Next door Rebecca and Simon Ladd have opened up a mens section called 'Ladds' which is also pretty amazing. The thing that I love about my mums stock is that she doesn't charge ridiculous prices like a lot of vintage businesses do, which she could do but refuses because she wants to make vintage clothing wearable and affordable for everyone. If you live in Grimsby please make sure to check this place out because it is hidden away, she also offers 10% student discount! Please make sure to check her page out too which is Vintage on Facebook and give it a like!

Mum if you're reading this, we may fall out and bicker but you are the best woman on this planet and I love you! (Make sure to send me freebies.)


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